Nordic Hot Tubs and Spas

Simple. Competitors added dozens of jets, TV systems, mister, fountain displays and every other non-therapeutic gadget they could think of, Nordic focused on being the best they could be, improve overall quality, while keeping it simple.

Therapeutic. As manufacturers raced to add size, power and jet count, Nordic developed the DTS Turbo System, providing Training Room whirlpool Therapy right in your own backyard.

The industry seems to value a shiny, glitzy shell more than a lifetime warranty. Nordic’s exclusive Vacuum Form System provides a lifetime Shell Warranty. This allows Nordic to stay priced at one third to one half less than comparable competition.

Reliable. The foundation of Nordic’s success is their focus on building the most reliable, well-constructed hot tub in the market. With hundreds of dealers throughout the world and satisfied buyers on four continents, Nordic’s reliability is proven to be second to none.

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