Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Cape Cod Aquatics is a pool builder that specializes in fiberglass pools and is proud to be the authorized retailer for San Juan Fiberglass swimming pools for Cape Cod and the Islands.  San Juan has been the leader in the fiberglass pool industry since 1958.  No other Fiberglass pool manufacturer has made and installed more fiberglass pools throughout the world.

Fiberglass pools are the most durable, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free swimming pools made today and will give you and your loved ones many years of enjoyment.

In the mid 1950s fiberglass was introduced as a new, superior building material.  Since then, fiberglass’ durability, lasting beauty and ease of maintenance have made it the primary construction choice for boats, automobiles and dozens of other products, including swimming pools.

Delivering your Fiberglass Pool by Boat, Barge, Truck and Crane

Fiberglass offers advantages that concrete and vinyl pools cannot.  They are actually more permanent than the other two types and do not require the maintenance and remodeling that is necessary to keep concrete and vinyl pools looking great.  Fiberglass is more resistant to stains than plaster finishers, and it never needs painting or liner replacements.  It is also impervious to algae, 17 times stronger than concrete, energy-efficient, and quickly installed.  Plus a 25-year warranty.  That’s just the beginning of the unique fiberglass advantage.

Now let’s talk about future savings.  Comparing with gunite/concrete pools after lower initial cost fiberglass, Fiberglass pools do not leach any materials into the water, i.e., alkaloids and other materials from concrete and plaster finishes, making long periods of filtration unnecessary.  Also, the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool allows the water to circulate easily and is comfortable on your feet.  A fiberglass pool can reduce your electric costs by over 30% because less filtration is required.  Fiberglass saves on chemicals for the same reasons it saves on electricity.  It is not necessary to use acids, which destroy and pit plaster finishes, because alkaloids from cement are not constantly leaching into the water.  This also substantially reduces the amount of chlorine needed.  Fiberglass can save you more than 70% on chemicals.  No expensive acid washing, sandblasting, or re-plastering ever.

Savings compared to vinyl liners, with fiberglass it stays beautiful year after year with very little maintenance.  No ultraviolet degradation, no patches and no liners to replace ever. Be aware liners may have a warranty, but does that cover the labor to install it? With Fiberglass let your kids play and let your pets swim without worrying about expensive holes and repairs.

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